Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Tree

So I've seen these online many times and basically disobeyed one of the 10 Commandments "Thou Shalt Not Covet".  When my mom passed away she left a tiny inheritance for each of her three children and after spending a bit of money on the kitchen remodel, I had about $150.00 left over.  It sat in my drawer for nearly 9 months (no, I don't keep money in the house, but I did have this little wad).  So I kept trying to think of ways to spend it on something Mom would enjoy… and finally I thought about the trees I've been looking at for awhile… so I decided this is how the rest of the money would be spent.

The tree alone was $150… it's vinyl and the lady who created it lives in China.  I asked her to extend the trunk by 1 foot since it wasn't tall enough to go from baseboard to ceiling.  I already had the oval frames… they are SO AWESOME.  Yes, they are plastic and I bought them at the $1 store a few years ago… I bought a bunch, then when I went back, all they had were the GOLD colored ones but I bought them anyway and thought I could spray paint them black with Krylon's plastic paint.  So lest you think the most expensive part of the tree is the frames… NO NO.  You'd never guess they're plastic… even up close :}.   The Gold colored ones didn't paint up completely, but have a little bit of gold showing through on the filigree in the frame… SO PRETTY!

The wall is 8' tall and 10' wide.  Here's the tree before frames:

And with all the frames:

The most fun is watching my 3 year old granddaughter & 2 year old grandson look at the tree and say "My Family"!!!  I even get the step-ladder out so they can see the ones at the top!

I am a happy girl, and I think mommy would love it and think it was money well-spent.