Saturday, January 28, 2017

They are MINE...

I have always felt "something" when thinking of the Jewish Holocaust, the Jewish people.

On my LDS mission {1981-82} I attended Synagogue occasionally and even one of their study groups.  This was 10 years before Schindler's List was released {1993}.

It wasn't until 2002 that I discovered some Bogner's had all died in the same place in Hungary and wondered WHY?????   Research found Gakowa, the Hungarian death camp... My heart felt ripped out and though these Bogners were hard to connect to MY line of descent... they all came from the same area in Austria/Hungary {Banat}... the area my line came from.  Somehow this began to make sense... The Holocaust was not just heartbreaking for me because I felt bad for the Jews, but because I was connected!

About 2012 I took a DNA test and now there's even more proof of connectedness.  My "European Jewish" is 2%... I realize that is not much, but it does show what I've felt all along... since 1981, They are mine... they are mine :}