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Here's for the Bogner's

Photo of George Bogner Jr. in his home office on Blymer Street in Mansfield, Ohio
Photo of Jane Elizabeth Wooley-Bogner

Today while catching up on some Family History I ran across a paper tucked in the back of the Bogner file. It appears to be sent to Brother Acomb (I remember the Acombs in Mansfield, Ohio) from a Mr. Christiansen. It appears to be a transcription of a telegram as there are STP's at the end of sentances ... Here's what the transcribed paper says:

The following message was received from Art Allen in South America:

"Advise whoever is attending George Bogner's funeral that George was one of the best builders in South America STP He was dedicated to the work, knew construction and required all who worked for him to do good work STP He was careful in his buying, was strict with Sub-Contractors and suppliers to see that the interests of the Church were protected STP His job in Porto Alegre is the finest job we have in South America STP In Arica he was doing a wonderful job, was loved by the people and gave his all to the work of Building the Kingdom of God STP All here send their love and simpathy (actual spelling) to Sister Bogner and Family" 1-10-67 5pm.

We just had a Family Home Evening about the Pioneers in our Family History Sunday night in preparation for Greg and Connor leaving on the Martin's Cove Trek in Wyoming Wednesday morning at 4am!!

Greg's family has pioneer roots back to Joseph Smith's era and Connor Benjamin Thredgold is named after Benjamin Taylor who was a bodyguard to Joseph Smith. But my family who were not early pioneers of the church were PIONEERS in a different way! Greg and I shared 4 Family histories Sunday, two from his side of the family and two from mine ....... one of the stories shared was of George Bogner Jr. and his darling wife Jane Elizabeth Wooley ... my grandparents:

George Bogner Jr and Jane Elizabeth Wooley History:
George was one of 8 children born to George Bogner Sr. and Theresia Grauer, They were both born in Yugoslavia. George met Jane Elizabeth Wooley and they were married on the 16 of June 1934, George was 24 and Jane was 17 days past her 16th birthday.

Jane was born to Alfred Erwin Wooley and Minnie Rhea Adams. Jane was the third child born. The first was Edward 15 March 1915 and Levina Rhea on 5 Dec 1916...were still born. Jane became a big sister to Evalyn Maria 22 Aug 1923 and another girl Gertrude Sara stillborn. Then Alfred Erwin was born on 23 Nov 1924.

Their 1st heartbreak was the stillbirth of their 1st child, James Lee Bogner. He was born 5 April 1935. Their next child also nearly died. Joan Jane was born 8 March 1936 and now resides in Utah. (My mother) Kenneth George was born on 12 April 1938 and passed away from heart failure on 16 April 1991. Rex Erwin was born 28 May 1944 … he lives in Ashland, Ohio. George built homes and other buildings for a living. He was able to afford a high quaility surgeon for his youngest son's cleft palate.

They were baptized into to the Church Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on 14 June 1958. On 16 June 1959, George, Jane and their youngest son Rex traveled to the Salt Lake City Temple to be sealed for time and all eternity. Joan their oldest child had been informed about their baptism but was not baptized until June of 1960. Kenneth never joined the church.

George became builder of the new Chapel located at 1951 Middle Bellville Road. The Chapel was dedicated by a General Authority by the name of Harold B. Lee (future president of the church). Bro. Lee went back to Salt Lake and told the brethern that George was the person they wanted to go to South America and build chapels. According to the book: MULTIPLY AND DIVIDE A HISTORY OF THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS IN CENTRAL OHIO, page 154; "The chapel was unusually well constructed, in part because George Bogner a master builder, supervised the work sessions."

They left on their mission sometime in early 1964 ... just 6 years after joining the church ... They sold everything ... including their home to finance their 3 year stay. During their time in South America, they built and repaired chapels in Arica, Chile and Soa Palo, Brazil and in other areas of South America. George became ill in 1967 and went to a doctor near the town of Porto Alegre in Brazil. It was determined he should go home immediately. On the plane George Passed away ... Jane was left with George until the coroner from Peru came and filled out the paperwork. Jane flew home to New York and stayed with her daughter Joan. She finally moved to Mansfield, Ohio where she made her home with her newly divorced daughter Joan and Joan's three children: Cindy, Lyman and Jody.

Jane gave all and then some ... 33 years 1 month and 9 days later we were absolutely JOYFUL when she passed on...all we heard growing up with her was how she wanted to go and be with "George"... and on 13 Feb 2000 she did. How could we ever deny her joy to be with her beloved. Sure we cried at her funeral ... that's because we all missed her ... but it certainly was not because we wanted her to stay ... she finally earned her reward.

They certainly were pioneers …….. giving up most of their families, leaving for a mission soon after joining the church … then dying while giving their all ………. Like the early pioneers, NEVER ONCE in all the time living with my grandma did she EVER complaing about the sacrifices they made … EVER.

Their descendants have a rich heritage ... their heritage is of far more value than the houses they lived in ... the cars we drove ... and the vacations we took. Our heritage and legacy lies in those who've come before us ... who have given us EVERYTHING we have that's good in the world!!
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Bogner!!

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