Monday, June 19, 2017

Happy Father's Day Mom... and Grandma!

I saw this just this morning and it hit like a ton of bricks… and brought back a quick memory:
When I was young (about 1-3rd grade), mom & dad divorced... At the time my grandparents were in South America serving a mission for the LDS/Mormon Church. My grandma ended up coming home because my grandfather had passed away trying to get home for treatment... he literally passed away while on the plane sitting on the tarmac and had to be removed and taken to a coroner in Peru.
My grandmother ended up coming home alone and waiting for my grandfather to arrive for burial in Ohio. 
At the same time, my mother's divorce got to it's final stages... we packed up our apartment in New York and traveled back home (my mother's home state) to Ohio... there, my mother and grandmother purchased a home together on Hanley Road.  A cute little two bedroom... mom & grandma shared a room, Jodi and I shared the other and my brother got nearly the whole basement with a little shower room and laundry room :}
One day while shopping, I was between mom & grandma and we were talking about our new living arrangement to which I made some comment about "I have a mom & dad... but grandma is kind of my dad"!!  This made mom & grandma laugh and they paused and looked at me with the expression of "why would you say something like that".  And in my silly little girl thinking I was not at all disappointed about not having dad around anymore... cause my grandma just stepped up and began parenting me... like a dad!!
Now my grandma was a tough lady and she didn't put up "with no CRAP" from her grandchildren!  So I understood that even though my mom was a good disciplinarian, I knew grandma was gonna be even more "expecting" of us and our behavior!
So I agree with the meme:  My mom was pulling double duty... and so was my grandmother!!!!!!!!!
My grandmother was also raising her brother and sister at the same time she had two little kids of her own, due to the death of her own mother.  Then at the time she should have retired and relaxed... she raised her daughter's three children... AND THEN she did it again and raised her grandson's two kids!!!!!!!
So my grandma raised 4 sets of kids and my mom raised two sets!!!  So technically they didn't do double duty, it's like quadruple duty or whatever the word is for 2 X 4!!  Necessity... and doing whatever it takes to raise good kids, and my mom & grandma DO DESERVE to be praised on Father's Day... for they were both "Pulling Double Duty".
          Happy Father's Day Mom & Grandma!  You did an outstanding job!

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